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Our work

Our flagship campaign, Plastic Free July, is designed to enable community, corporate and government action to reduce plastic waste. It has become a global social movement where millions of individuals each year change their behaviour in favour of avoiding single-use plastics and plastic waste. To achieve this significant impact, we undertake three key activities.

Tailored tools and resources

We develop tailored behaviour change programs, tools, and resources for various communities, including schools, councils, local authorities, businesses, health organizations, and hospitality providers. We work with in-country partners and local communities to support change and develop place-based solutions that are specifically designed to reduce plastic waste in their situation.

Sharing stories and solutions

We support participants by sharing success stories and solutions, from around the globe, to encourage a ripple effect of change. We use a range of communication techniques and tools to effectively convey the achievements of our Plastic Free July challenge participants, which contributes to the establishment of new social norms.

Activating communities and organisation around the globe

We leverage our messaging through various communication channels and languages at a global level to extend the reach of our campaign to change citizens’ consumer behaviour in favour of avoiding single-use plastics and plastic waste based on our best practice behaviour change approach. These include electronic direct mail, social media, search engine, point of sale promotions, events, media, and networks of changemakers and not-for-profit organizations.

Support our work

Join us in our fight to eliminate plastic waste, and together we make a difference for sustainable and healthy planet for future generations. Whether it be financial or in-kind support, we would love to hear from you.